sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2007


Hello, I am Laura.
I am 12 years old and I live in Mioveni. I am the only child in my family and I adore this thing, although it is said that is better if you have brothers or sister.
I am slim, not very tall, with black hair and brown eyes. What I like the most is to spend time with my friends walking in the park or going to the cinema.

School is very important to my. English is my favourite subject and my dream is to become an English teacher. I also like Maths, Romanian, and Drawing. I like very much to draw, especially in my free time, when I want to relax. I also like to listen to music, watching films and chatting on the internet. My favourite genders of music are pop, rook, R&B, hip-hop, rap etc., and my favourite films are Titanic, Step up, Shrek, Chasing liberty.

What I don’t like about me is the fact that I’m a little bit timid, although I like parties and I want to be at the centre of attention.

I spend most of my holidays at my grand- parents because I can do whatever I like. In evening I meet my friends and we spend all the night telling stories. In summer I like going at the seaside and in winter at the mountains to ski and to play in the snow.

I would like to go to England because I love London and English people.



My name is Octavian, I am twelve years old and I live in a small town, from the county Arges, called Mioveni. I like rock music and my favorites bands are: Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Children Of Bodom, Ozzy Osbourne, System Of A Down and Cradle Of Filth.
I like very much French fries with eggs and bacon.
I love skateboarding and when I grow up I would like to be like Tony Hawk.
I find my self an understanding and cool boy. I have a lot of very good friends. So, this is me.



My name is Bianca, I am 13 on twenty nineth November, I live in Mioveni, Arges County, I am in the sixth grade at Liviu Rebreanu School.
I am dynamic; I have 1,54 hight and 41 kilos.
I have brown easy and long brown hair.
I’m very interested in school, we have a lot of homework .
I go to the school Olympiads but I like to play also. I like to walk with my friends. When the weather it’s not warn, I chat with my friends in the Internet.
I have a lot of friends and according to the quotation: “ Friendship it’s like a plant and if you don’t look after it properly it begins to droop.”

I treat my friends with respect and don’t like quarrlels.
I have my own qualities and deficiencies. I am ambitious ,polite with people around me, modest and I have a lot of energy. I am also sensitive and shy and I let everybody else to judge me. Sometimes I help my mother doing the chares. I love my parents very much, and being the only child they are doing every thing they can to please me.
My favourite subjects are Literature, Maths, English, French and Music . My hobbies are: dancing, music, internet, reading and walking in the park .
My favourite singer is Anda Adam.
My favourite books are: Fram the Polar Bear, White Fong, Memorisse from my Childhood and the poems of Mihai Eminescu.
Sometimes I watch movies and Romanian shows.
I would like to travel to France, England, Italy and other beautiful countries.
I like the way I am and I like to keep that from now an: ambitious , polite,to get an well with school and maybe someday I well become someone ,a very important person but this need a lot work effort.


My name is Alex.
I have twelve years and I live in Mioveni .
I like listening to music and watching movies.
My dream is to become a police officer .
My favourite music is reggaeton and hip-hop music .
My favourites movies are 2 Fast 2 Furios and An American Wirlwolf at Paris. I would like to travel in Bahamas and Paris.
My favourite cars are : Dodge Viper , Audi TT , BMW Z3 and Subaru Imprezza .
So, this is me.


My name is Denisa. My hobbies are: reading and painting. I’m listen music pop.
I’m a dreaming person who believe that the impossible does not exist and that anything can to come true, through work. My motto is :,,No matter what could happen, after every fall, important is raise up and to continue nothing didn’t happen. ”The most important thing in the life is to have faith and hope, who believe in you and your powers and to say always:,,I can!”
I’m love very much my family. She is the resistance pylon of every child the one that helps us in life’s first steps in the foundation of an adequate education. My mother is the headlight of the family. My father is the head of the family.
My good friends is Anita and Bianca. My favorite subjects are: Literature, Maths, French and English.


Hello! My name is Sonia.

I have 1.50 m, 45 Kg. I’m brunette and my eyes are black.

I was born of the 6th January 1996.

I live in “Mioveni” town and I learn at “Liviu Rebreanu” school, in the 5th class. My favourite lesson is the geography.
My favourite food is the chicken roast with chips and my favourite band is RBD. I like very much Dulce. She’s very beautiful and very nice.

My girlfriends and me set up a club named “Princess Club”.
I like very much to dance and I go every summer holiday at my grandparents.

My best girlfriend named Anita. She’s my classmate.
My favourite animals are dogs and cats. I have got a cat named Kitty.

My favourite color is red.
In my bedroom I stand more time. I sleep, write my homeworks, learn and play.


My name is Ionut and I have 11 years old. I am a school pupil and I like go to school because I can learn always something important.
I am a normal child, with a normal life, but with aspirations…. I love to live every moment intensly, and I want to do everything in my life.
My hobbies are reading science-fiction books, playing on the computer and skating. I think these are beautiful means of entertainment, and you can enjoy yourself everytime you practice these.
I live in a small, but beautiful village, in Mioveni. I like it very much here, because I spent my entire childhood playing here with my friends.
I love animals, especially cats and dogs. I think they are good pets, and you can do all kinds of funny things with them when you get bored.
My favourite past time activities are playing football and watching educational documentaries on TV.
My favourite music is hip-hop. I can dance on the music because I like it very much.
I enjoy listening to music when I am tired after a long school day. This is me, with all that my personality shows, and I like the way I am.
I wouldn’t want to change something in my personality.


My name is Daniel. I live with my family in Romania, in Mioveni.
I have ten yers old. My hobby is the computer and chess and my favourite foods are: pizza, ice cream, hamburgers and potatoes.
My favourite film star is Antonio Banderas.
Dad is a businessman and he is very bussy.
Mum is an engineer and she is bussy too.
I have two grandmothers and I love them very much.
I go to school at twelve o`clock and I finish at seventeen.
My only free days are Saturday and Sunday. At the weekend I play football with my friends and I go to the swimming pool .
In my free time I read history books, my favourite one is The Olympus Legends.
I have a lot of friends. Some of them are my classmates or neighbours.
I live in an apartament with four rooms: a diningroom, three bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms .
I have two rooms. In a room I study and I sleep, and in the other I watch TV and I play computer games.
I have a German dog. His name is Rocky and he is very nice. I love him very much.

Bianca Elena


My name is Bianca Elena. I am twelve year old. . My pet is dog. My favourite flower is orchid. My mother’s name is Gabriela and my father name is Sergiu. My favourite band is REBELDE. I like them because they have beautiful song. My favorite movies are Titanic, A walk to remember and Lara Croft-Tomb River, and my favourite actors is Angelina Jolie, Dulce Maria,Anahi,Poncho. I have two best friends Alexandra and Adelina.
I have a little sister. Her name is Miruna.
My house have three rooms. My room, parents room, one kitchen , one dining-room and one bath.


My name is Ana.

I have 30 kilos weight, dark hair, black eyes.
I am ten years old.

My friends and me set up a little club, named "Princess".
My best friend is Sonia.
My favourite colours are pink and blue.
I like dancing, travalling.
My favourite food are chips, mashed potatoes and pizza.
I have a brother, his name is Bogdan and hi's 22 years old. Hi's student in History at Bucharest University.
My favourite pets are dogs, cats, parrots and rabbits. I have a two birds, named Marco and Gina.

My mum, Daniella is a teacher and she work a HighSchool "Iulia Zamfirescu". My father, Nicolae, is an enginer and he work a Dacia-Renault Car Factory.
My favourite objects are Geography and Sports.

I like very much the Rebelde band and vocal solist Maite.



My name is Alexandra, and I am 12 years old. My friends call me ALI. My favourite object is a toy, a teddybear, and his name is Cocolino.
I have many friends at school but at home too. I have two best friends: Adelina and Bianca. I live near the School „Liviu Rebreanu” from Mioveni.
My mother’s name is Argentina and she workes at Cityhall and my father name is Florin. He workes in the army.
My favourite band is REBELDE. I like them because they have beautiful songs.
My favourite movies are: Titanic, A walk to remember and Lara Croft - Tomb Rider and my favourite actors are: Angelina Jolie and Poncho.


My name is Oana, a scorpion girl, age 13.
I learn at “Liviu Rebreanu” school in Mioveni. My favourite objects are Maths, English and Geography. My house isn’t very big. It has 3 rooms where I stay with my sister Anca, my mother Claudia and my father George. I love very much my familiy.
I love to listen music, I usually listen punk music, play on the computer, on the Internet. I like to dance, to walk with my friends.
I have a lot of friends and I really enjoy to have fun with them. I like to eat pizza, potatoes, chicken and chocolate.
My favourite colours are black, red, purple and pink.
I usually wear sport clothes because I feel good in this style.
I would like become one day very famous.
I wish that all my clothes designed by me to be presented in all the important cities of fashion like Viena, Paris, London.
I’m curious and ambition girl and I will love to make friends from other countries.



My name is Catalina and I have thirteen.
I study at “Liviu Rebreanu” School.
My favourite school subjects are Maths and English.
I live in Mioveni with my family,my mom and my dad.
I have a lot of hobbies ..
I love to listen music, to play on the computer, to dance, to go out with my friends and to watch movies.
I like to practise sport. I play handball and voleyball at school.

My aspirations are high. I want become a very famous actrice and act with famous actors like Brad Pitt, Silvester Stallone, Angelina Jolie, Edith Gonzales, Rafael Amaya.
I’m a very rebel person and curious.
I like to have a lot of friends.
I like to travel around the world and meet other persons.
This is me, these are my hobbies and I really like to make friends from other countries.


My name is Alina and I’m 13.
I live in Romania. I like it here, but I’d like very much to travel to another country, to meet new people and to see new places.
I don’t have any brothers or sisters but I have a lot of friends.
I like school and my favourite school subjects are English, French, Arts and Maths.

I like to read S.F. books and I’m a big fan “Harry Potter”. I watch S.F. and adventures films, too.
I love the sea and I like to swim. I like animals very much and I have a dog, named Dolfi.
My favourite band is RBD and I hope to see them one day.



My name is Andrei. I’m 13 years old. I live in Mioveni, Romania.

My favorite school subjects are Maths and Physics.

I spend my time playing football, listening music, playing on the computer and watching TV.

I speak English and French very well.

In the future I want to be become a big manager in a multinational company.



My name is Iulia! I’m 13!

I learn at “Liviu Rebreanu” school ! I love going to school, because everyday I learn a lot of interesting things, which will certainly help me in the future!

My favourite school subjects are Maths,History and Chemistry. I’ have been learning English for about five years and French for about two years.What can I say about me? Oh, yes… Maybe is important to say that my teachers says about me that I’m wise, and clever.

In my spear time I love to walk with my friends, to talk with my cousin about every problem that mills me, listening to music, dancing, reading, helping my mother with the housework...

I can say that one of my hobbies , is to go shopping!

My favourite artists are Enrique Iglesias, Rbd band, ……
I dream at the day when all my wishes will come true…

I hope that Venice will wait for me, and Paris too…


Hello !

My name is Sorin . I am 13 years . I am a student . The name of my school is “Liviu Rebreanu” .

My hobbies are :

- The bike

- Listening to music

- Watching the TV

- The computer

I have a lot of friends and I like to spend my time with them .

I also have a toy friend . His name is Rockie . Rockie is very funny . My dream is to be a doctor.
My favourite school subjects are Maths , History, Literature and Biology .

I like very much candies .