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Happy New Year !

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About the Culture House

The building works were begun in the autumn of the year 1983; a lot of human forces have involved on the building site: builders, volunteers, inhabitants of the town. The building was the first cultural edifice from Mioveni, a successful harmony between traditional and modern. Since the year 1985, the year of its opening to the public, it has become a cultural heart of our town.

About the Orthodoxy Cathedral

Placed in the civic centre of the town, the orthodoxy cathedral, “Apostles Saints Peter and Paul’’-the most important symbol of the orthodoxy faith on Arges Valley - relive the big interest of the Local Council.
The artistic values of the building consist of the metal decorative elements realized by profile structures covered with copper sheet, which become some symbolic columns with majestical church spires high up on the roof: the big church spire of Panthocrator and other four small church spires with iron and golden crucial elements. The preoccupation for the excessive decoration of the building is evident, the designers using brown light marmoreal pieces for the support’s cover and the poles of the side stairs.

About the Vieros Monastery

Vieroş Monastery date of XVIth century; it has 2 fountains mountain water fountains. This monastery is the famous building in Goleşti family, famous too in the region. The regional gravestones are the important monuments.
Place of profound patriotic meditation, Vieros Monastery has inspired the famous Romanian playwright Alexandru Davila – descendent through motherhood from Golescu family – in creating his masterpiece called “Vlaicu Voda”.

About the Racovita Mansion

The Racovita Mansion – built 1806 ( in Romanian ,,Cula’’) dominates the Argeş plateau by his extravagant silhouette, with its river’s stones cellar, a specific architecture for defense. The Racovita Mansion is offering now. “The Romanian Rustic Museum’’ (organized in 1970 in collaboration with the People from Racovita and Mioveni ). This museum is organized by: popular costumes, activities, numismatics, art objects, religious preliterate, ceramics, guns, carpenter’s tools, summing over 800 exhibits which spread an air of secret, mystery and respect for the local traditions and customs of these places.

About the Mioveni Hero's Monument

The Mioveni Hero’s Monument (1924) - near the “Liviu Rebreanu” School - built in the memory of the heroes of the first world war and the second world war, has got a support of stone block; another one made of prismatic calcareous elements; on the column, made in relief, there is a big gun having attached a flag with an eagle; the fund is made by a decoration with oak leaves; an eagle is set above the column.

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Merry Christmas

Carols and happy songs interpreted by pupils of 5C from "Liviu Rebreanu" School, Mioveni town, Arges county, Romania

Ne tuons pas la beaute du monde

On 19 december 2007, the pupils of class 1A and 5C have a festivity for Christmas!
The Smart team have presented to parents the Hymn "Ne tuons pas la beaute du monde" and they have explained their contribution in the project:
"Let's get to know ourselves and our cities"
Some pupils have made and presented "Christmas in Romania" - PowerPoint Presentation.

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About our town, Mioveni

A Few Geographic Things Related to Our Place

Mioveni town lies in the Getic Plateau, in the area which links the Arges Hills and the Candesti Platform, in the central part of the county. Our locality is superposed of a relief of hills surrounding the mountains, having at their origin the lake plains covered by vast dejection cons. Mioveni town has got a relief of accumulation belonging to the Candesti Platform which appears surrounded by torrential valleys in the eastern part, crossing generally from north to south. In the western part, the relief is compound of terraces, ending with the Arges Valley , Targului River and Doamnei River . There is vegetation characteristic to the hill areas, determined by the climate and the soil. The man’s intervention is visible in the valley area and on the terraces, where the spontaneous vegetation was substituted by cultures of plum-trees, apple-trees, cereals and vegetables.
In the forest domain, the man’s intervention is visible by deforestations mostly with negative effects upon the hills.

Mioveni is one of the seventh towns of Arges county.
It is known as the town of the Romanian car because the first Romanian car was manufactured here, taking the old name of the land: Dacia. The car factory has begun a Romanian-French cooperation after December 1989 and now it is called Dacia-Renault Car Factory. It is in fact the place where our parents work.
There are a lot of buildings in our small town: five schools, two high schools, a Town Hall, a cathedral, five churches, a Culture House, a museum, a hospital, two hotels, a few restaurants, two supermarkets and a lot of shops.
The citizens from the center live in blocks of flats with four storeys and those in the other districts have got houses built in an architectural style characteristic to our hill area. The blocks of flats lie on one and other side of Dacia Avenue. After this avenue the way goes on with a long county road, at the end of which, at almost seventeen kilometers' distance we reach Pitesti, the residence of our county. At the other end of the avenue, the way goes on with another county road which helps us to reach the mountain area with its wonderful landscape.
The five districts of the town are called: Mioveni, Colibasi, Racovita, Faget and Clucereasa, the former names of the villages which have composed the new town. The streets are clean and the pavements are large, with benches and bedflowers. People are hardworking and friendly, always ready to help each other.
Due to the preocupation of the Local Council and the Town Hall, the development of the town is more and more flourishing, supported also by the County Council which gives a great budget for such a small town, the benefit being possible through the achievements from the car industry and to the funds given by the governmental programmes.
The County Environment Department supports all the towns of Arges County, showing by all sorts of actions that the protection of the environment is a major problem of each town, mainly in the actual context when our country has become a member of the European Union from January 1st, 2007. Conscious of this matter, students and teachers of our town and especially of our school bring their contributions by means of projects like "Eco-School" and "Learn About Forests".
All around us is lovely and we are very happy to live in such a nice town. Childhood is "at its home" in a town like ours because joy and friendship give a real sense to our lives.
"The Smart Team" ( the students' team of
"Liviu Rebreanu" School, Mioveni town, Arges county, Romania,
directioned and helped by their Math teacher, Mariana Radulescu )

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Personalities Analise

The Greek Team said: We have analysed the personalities of our friends in Mioveni. Beautiful paintings, charmy people! Here they are the results...http://ourselvesathens.blogspot.com/