joi, 27 martie 2008


Major cities around the world join WWF in fighting climate change during Earth Hour 2008
Earth Hour is a global initiative of WWF in which cities and communities will turn out their lights to symbolise their leadership and commitment to finding solutions for climate change. Cities from across Europe, North America, Asia and Asia Pacific, including Chicago, Copenhagen, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Toronto were named as the flagship participants in the WWF-led event on March 29, 2008.
Earth Hour will send a strong signal that people all around the world are deeply concerned and expect their leaders to take action before it’s too late,” Leape said. “Climate change is a global challenge that requires global solutions and it’s clear that the people of this planet are ready to get involved and find the answers.”
At 8pm local time on the 29 March millions of people in some of the world's major cities will use the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

Energy wasting - Lightbulbs destroyed

These are obsolete, but widely available, energy wasting incandescent lightbulbs. This type of bulb wastes 95 percent of its energy generating heat instead of light. This wasted energy mostly comes from burning fossil fuels like coal - causing climate change by adding carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.We crushed these bulbs in Berlin while EU and G8 ministers were meeting there for the, "Energy Efficiency: Shaping Tomorrow's World" conference to send them a message. Greenpeace is calling for national bans on energy wasting lightbulbs, and enforcement of an EU-wide mandatory efficiency standard on domestic lighting by 2010.

E "ora Pamantului", stingeti lumina!
Ora Pământului este pe 29 martie

Ora PAMANTULUI este un eveniment global creat pentru a simboliza că fiecare dintre noi, lucrând impreuna, poate avea un impact pozitiv impotriva poluarii si a schimbărilor climatice.
In engleza se numeste Earth Hour, 60 de minute in care stingem lumina pentru a marca astfel distrugerile climatice efectuate de catre om prin consumul nesabuit de energie
Programul "Ora Pamantului" a fost iniţiat in 2007 in Sydney, Australia de catre World Wide Found for Nature, iar in 2008 va fi un eveniment global. Anul trecut in Sydney s-au stins luminile in peste 2,2 milioane de locuinţe si in peste 2.100 de companii, astfel consumul de energie a fost redus cu 10% în acest interval orar.
In 2008, oraşe din toată lumea se vor alătura pentru a stinge luminile timp de o ora simbolizand astfel participarea lor la căutarea soluţiilor care să prevină schimbările climatice. Luminile vor fi stinse in cladirile simbolice, in sediile companiilor, restaurante.
Sâmbătă, 29 martie de la ora 20, timp de o oră, fiecare dintre noi poate marca acest eveniment prin stingerea luminilor, oprirea calculatorului si chiar schimbarea becurilor incandescente cu cele eficiente energetic (becurile fluorescente), pentru protejarea naturii. Ar fi momentul să arătăm că si nouă românilor ne pasă de mediul înconjurator si ar trebuie să luam parte la aceasta manifestare mondiala.