marți, 17 iunie 2008

Happy Summer Holiday

We wish to all our partners and to all students and teachers around the world a


The End of our project

To the end of the project "Let's get to know ourselves and our cities" we can get the conclusion that we realized the aims established.

a. To get a new view of the world around us
b. To empower young people with tools, the knowledge and skills they need to communicate in the future world
c. To deepen the relations among the European young people
d. To create background for further educational plans
e. To improve the command of English language
f. To be familiar enough with modern IC collaborative tools and to improve their use through developing blogs, WebPages or Power-Point Presentations
g. To experiment with new learning methodologies
h. To learn how to work in international teams
i. To know the cities, the schools, the likes and the dislikes of our partners and exchange ideas about the way young people live
j. To develop critical thought and explore the European perspective
k. To exchange information about cultural differences and similarities
l. To obtain intercultural knowledge, experience and computer literacy
m. To make friends in another country and, if it is possible, visit their cities

Students involved in this project worked in groups in France, Spain, Romania and Greece, introduced themselves to the others, described their family, the school environment and the educational system, discussed about their region and their city (architecture, houses within the sustainable development context, civilization, culture).
They exchanged ideas, suggestions, opinions, plans, designs, and images using IC tools.
They made crossword puzzles, riddles and diagrams trying to communicate and explain their customs, their interests, their hobbies and whatever they think their future will be like. They commented and published the thoughts and the opinions of their collaborators about studies at University or job via blogs, power-point presentations and web pages.
The students exchanged images, photos, videos and texts.
By working on the Internet and using ICT tools with the partners from other countries they have also realized the universal character of the Internet and its power.
Communication in English among students via ICT was very important.